Arthur and Anne

They wake up every morning
playing games.
They fall asleep together too.
Arthur and Anne.
Whenever I walk past their place
I look up and see
the front room light on.
I see the front room light on and I think
"Anne may be out, but Arthur's definitely there".
He always stays at home, waiting;
walking around
kitchen to bedroom,
lying on the couch or
staring out the window
till Anne comes back.
And they sit together
and she tells him about her day
while she undresses
and he asks for nothing more.
Neither does she.
And sometimes they 're cold or hungry
and there are days they feel lost and scared
but they have each other.
Arthur and Anne.
Archie and Annie.
They get by just fine the two of them;
with loads of filter coffee and a lot of meows.

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